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It can be hard to start planning a trip to an unknown place, right? Maybe you’ve heard a lot about it and seen tons of cool pictures in social media, but where do you start? What is the first step? The second? Third? Well, the first step is often to find a site with lots of information and travel tips concerning your destination. If you’re going to Norway; Step one, check!

Whether you’re an experienced traveler of Norway or have never been here before, our goal is to make it easier for you to plan your trip, as well as making the most of your stay in Norway. Be sure to check out our about page if you want to learn more about us and Trails Of Norway.


Let’s get started:

We have divided our site into two sections. The first section consists of detailed guides to Norwegian destinations, that we have visited. The guides are a nice way to get inspiration about what to do in the different regions of Norway, and how to reach them. They are also a good reference to look at while you’re in Norway, and want practical advice.  

The second section of the site contains travel tips and provides more general travel tips as well as information about the gear we use. Here you will find topics such as what to pack when traveling in Norway,  or pro photography tips from Lars on how to capture the beautiful Norwegian nature, among others. You will also find tips about where to get gear that will make your stay more comfortable.


What’s next?

If you don’t know where in Norway you want to go, you probably want to take a look at our Norway for beginners guide, to get some basic insights into the different destinations of Norway. 

If you already know where in Norway you want to go, we suggest you take a look at our travel guides. Check out the fjords in Western Norway, or take a look at the spectacular mountains and charming villages in Northern Norway with places such as Lofoten and Senja.

If you know both where you’re going and what you’ll be doing, take a look at our travel tip section to get pro tips  about traveling in Norway. 

Following is a drone-movie Lars made from our travels in 2016. We hope this will get you even more motivated to travel and explore Norway.

“He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him.”


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